Boy serving refreshments in a Nevill's cooling-room

Refreshments in a Nevill's cooling room
< Nevill's Turkish Baths Ltd: view of a cooling-room (Southwick: Benn & Cronin, c.1910) (Bencro; no.181)

A boy serving refreshments in one of Nevill's cooling-rooms. Close examination of the postcard suggests that the image of the waiter has been crudely superimposed on the original photograph.

This was a much less well furnished and decorated cooling-room than those in, for example, Northumberland Avenue or Broad Street. Given the 'temporary' ceiling supports, it is rather surprising that Nevill's thought it worthwhile to have a postcard produced showing one of their less attractive establishments, possibly one of those in the East End.

This postcard is from the collection of the Victorian Turkish Baths Project

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