The cooling-room:
Northumberland Road, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

The Frigidarium in 1929
< Souvenir to commemorate the opening of the City Hall and Northumberland Baths…November 7th MCMXXVIII (Newcastle: the council, 1928)

The frigidarium at Newcastle-upon-Tyne's newly opened Turkish Baths at Northumberland Road, 1928.

'The Turkish suite, though of necessity limited in capacity, is a model. Instead of being a basement accident, the usual fate of Turkish baths in this country, the suite is designed and each apartment is a well-proportioned and finished chamber.

'The cooling-room with attendant's room and toilets has 10 double cubicles…'

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Women and the Victorian Turkish bath. Part 4: Availability of the baths to women

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Victorian Turkish Baths: their origin, development, and gradual decline

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