Whitehaven baths


Front elevation of the baths building today


Part of Whitehaven baths building in 2001

< Photo: Ralph Lewthwaite

Duke Street elevation of the Whitehaven baths, 1884,  T L Banks, Architect 

The Turkish baths were behind this façade, the lantern of the cooling-room being on the right.


< Whitehaven Baths : one hundred years, 1884-  1984. — Whitehaven : Copeland BC, 1984. — p.10


Duke Street elevation of the Whitehaven baths, 1884


Ralph Lewthwaite,  Whitehaven & District Local History Society, for photographs of the baths and for his remarkable  perseverance.

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Whitehaven Baths


Victorian Turkish Baths:
their origin, development,
and gradual decline

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