The Gilkes Street Turkish baths, Middlesbrough:
the hot rooms

Gilkes Street hot rooms
< Photo: Courtesy of Teesside Archives

The Gilkes Street Turkish baths in Middlesbrough, designed by S E Burgess, the Borough Engineer, were built in 1933. Its cooling-room may have been unexceptional, but in the hot rooms, as in Birmingham's Kent Street baths, there was a 1930s take on the keyhole arch; here it was the main design motif, though the Horlicks sign on the wall was probably a bit of private enterprise on the part of the baths attendant. The baths closed some time in the late 1980s.

This page adds an image to illustrate
part of the inside of the Gilkes Street Turkish Baths,
mentioned on page 132 of my book
Victorian Turkish Baths
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