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The right of Malcolm Shifrin to be identified as the author of this work has been asserted by him in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 and is also covered by The Legal Deposit Libraries (Non-Print Works) Regulations 2013.

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Citing this website

A growing number of researchers and writers are finding it appropriate to cite the site (sorry!) or one of its articles—you can see them here.

If you wish to include the Victorian Turkish Baths website in a bibliography, please list it with the URL, and the month and year you accessed it, as in the following example:

Shifrin, Malcolm R      Victorian Turkish baths      March 2002

If you would prefer to cite a particular page or article, thereby enabling your readers to go directly to the pages concerned, specific URLs which link directly to your references should be requested.

The website is designed to enable search engines to find references to complete pages only. This is so that searchers are not led to individual frames, separated from the illustrations and bibliographical references which complement them.

Choosing a URL on this site without help can sometimes link to pages which are not those you expected!

Non-commercial use of items from our website

Provided that there is no specific copyright limitation (as there is on some of the illustrations) then permission is freely given for any individual items of data on the website to be used in appropriate non-commercial websites. It would be appreciated if you would let us know what you wish to use.

Any such information should be credited to:

Malcolm Shifrin's Victorian Turkish Bath Project

and a link made to the site at

Our use of copyright materials

Commercial use of items from our website

a. The Victorian Turkish Baths website is a non-commercial not-for-profit site and permission to incorporate illustrations has often been granted to us on that basis.

It is not permitted to incorporate content from the Victorian Turkish Baths website into any commercial publication or website without written permission for specific items.

Any such content which appears in conjunction with any form of advertising material, or pages which have distorted or altered images, are being used without the permission of the author, even when it is claimed that permission has been given.

b. If the contents of the site are deemed to be useful, the most appropriate procedures would be:

c. Normal practice should be followed for brief quotations used for purposes of comment, review, or criticism (see Citing this website above).

d. Provided that there is no specific copyright limitation (as there is on some of the illustrations), permission to reproduce more than brief quotations in commercial publications or on other websites will normally be given, on request, in return for an appropriate contribution to the UK's international Save the Children charitable fund.

Commercial use of our material

Our use of copyright materials

We attempt, wherever possible, to gain copyright permissions, and we are grateful to the many individuals and institutions who have freely allowed us to use their material on this site.

The site is now included in the British Library UK Web Archive for permanent preservation  so that its contents (excluding its external links) will be archived regularly. This is intended to ensure that 'scholarly, cultural and scientific resources' will not be lost to future generations.

The vast majority of the images contained within our databank are from nineteenth century or early twentieth century books, periodicals, and pamphlets. If you encounter material for which you hold the copyright and for which permission has not been given, please contact Malcolm Shifrin at:

but please bear in mind that this is a totally unfunded (and certainly non-profit making) project, set up as a co-operative venture to document a dying subject as a matter of academic interest only.

I should much prefer to make an appropriate acknowledgment, or a link to your own website, but otherwise I will unhesitatingly remove the image or text if you believe it breaches your copyright—I may plead with you, but it will be your decision.

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