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Colours used in the chronologies

In the chronology tables, used mainly in the directory section, dates shown in blue are, to the best of our knowledge, dates which are accurate.

In particular, when the first or last date in a list is in blue we are fairly certain that the Turkish bath opened or closed on that date.

If the first or last date is in red, then these are only first & last sightings, and the Turkish bath may have opened earlier or closed later, often followed by a plus or minus sign, or a dash ().

When an asterisk * appears at the end of a set of dates, it indicates that the Turkish bath was not listed where listing would have been expected if the establishment had still been in existence. The date, therefore, must be treated as an approximate one.

The phrase Baths closed is only used if it is thought that the baths definitely did close during that year.

Dates in grey refer to a parent establishment, eg, a public swimming bath where it is known that the Turkish bath opened later, or closed earlier.