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A bunch of baths books:

some of the better books on baths
published during the life of this website

1913: Design of the Turkish bath / Cosgrave     You are here
2004: Cathedrals of the flesh / Brue     2004: Victoria Baths / Williams
2005: Hammams / Meunier     2006: Water is best / Durie
2010: Hammaming in the Sham / Boggs

Turkish baths: A light onto a tradition and culture  You can print this page -- Click for printer-friendly version

Turkish baths

This is just the briefest mention of a first class book, in English, but published in Turkey, on the history of the Turkish hammam (by which I mean Turkish baths in Turkey).

The book is in two parts, both beautifully illustrated. The first deals with the history of baths in Turkey, with explanations of how they are used and how the bath plays a major part in Turkey's cultural heritage. The second part describes, again with numerous illustrations, fifty of the fifty-seven Turkish baths which are still open in Istanbul today.

Expensive, perhaps, for a softback, but well worth it.

Yılmazkaya, Orhan Turkish baths: A light onto a tradition and culture (Istanbul: «itlembik, 2003)

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