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Company baths: CARDIFF: Guildford Crescent

As handwriting is often unclear, all name transcriptions below are indicative only.
When accuracy is important, the original documents should be consulted.
PRO (Public Record Office) documents are at The National Archives, Kew.

TNA: PRO: BT31 550/2231 All unfootnoted information is taken from this file.

1861 Memorandum of Association: 19 April
Capital: 2,500 divided into 250 shares of 10
Objects include: Provision of Swimming, hot and cold, vapour, Turkish baths and baths of any other description.
Registered Office: 1 Church Street (7 June)
Shareholders: c.80 shareholders with maximum holding of 10 shares; most hold between 1 and 5 shares; [cf Rochdale, but more middle class]

1862 Directors include: J H Insole (Ch)
Secretary: Thomas Waring (Architect of the Baths)
Establishment opened: 1 May 1

1866 Secretary and Lessee: Thomas Waring
5 year lease, at 4% on the capital
New cooling-room constructed 2

1867 c.72 shareholders (9 July)

1869 Directors include:
J H Insole (Ch)
Secretary: Thomas Waring 1

1870 Directors include:
J H Insole (Ch)
H J Paine
Secretary: Thomas Waring 1
Registered Officer: B Matthews 3
70 shareholders (8 November)

1873 Voluntary liquidation: 11 May

1882 No returns were filed between the years 1872-81
Dissolved under Clause 7(4): 7 March

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