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Company baths: NEW BARNET: Station Road: Grafenberg House

Please note: As handwriting is often unclear, names of shareholders are indicative only.
When accuracy is important, researchers should consult the original documents.
PRO references will be found at The National Archives (Public Record Office, Kew)

TNA: PRO: BT31 2335/11387 All unfootnoted information is taken from this file.

1877 Memorandum of Association:
Objects include:
a. 'to carry out a certain agreement bearing date the 13th day of April, 1877, and made between Richard Metcalfe of the one part, and Charles Edmund Wilson of the other part...'
b. 'to carry on the business of an hydropathic establishment at Grafenberg House, New Barnet, in the County of Hertfordshire, in a manner similar to the mode in which the same has been hitherto carried on by the said Richard Metcalfe, or at any other place or places in England, and to do all things by increasing the establishment or otherwise as may be most conducive to such objects.'
Capital: 25,000 divided into 5,000 shares of 5
Carter, Edwin (5 shares) Merchant
Ferris, Richard (10 shares) Merchant
Leake, J Knight (1 share) Accountant
Paterson, Alfred Sweet (20 shares) Merchant (Dir)
Reynolds, Joseph (1 share)
Wilson, Charles Edward (20 shares) Merchant (Dir)
Winter, Edward (20 shares) 'No occupation' (Dir)
Managing Director: Richard Metcalfe
Registered Office: Grafenberg House

1878 Average number of shareholders: 35 holding 1,254 shares
Shareholders include:
Carter, Emma (5 shares)
Cory, John (5 shares) Proprietor of Cardiff Colliery
Dorkin, George (30 shares) Gentleman
Leake, J Knight (10 shares)
Metcalfe, Richard (818 shares)
Paterson, Alfred Sweet (40 shares)
Philp, Shadrack (5 shares) Butcher
Philp, Thomas (10 shares) Farmer
Reynolds, Joseph (1 share)
Wilson, Charles Edward (20 shares)
Winter, Edward (40 shares)

1878 Agreement dated 9 July between Richard Metcalfe and Charles Edward Wilson (as trustee for the company) to purchase Grafenberg House for 2,000 in shares of the company.

1879 Petition for winding up by William Wilson and two shareholders as creditors of the company on 22 February.

1886 Company disolved on application by John Folland Lovering (liquidator) on 4 May.
Payments totalling 1-1-11 were made to 17 creditors.

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