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Company baths: HOVE: Medina Esplanade / Kings Esplanade

Please note: As handwriting is often unclear, names of shareholders are indicative only.
When accuracy is important, researchers should consult the original documents.
PRO references will be found at The National Archives (Public Record Office, Kew)

TNA: PRO: BT31 5572/38764 All unfootnoted information is taken from this file.

1893 Memorandum of Association: 2 May
Capital: 25,000 divided into 2,500 shares of 10
Chambers, Saul Bell (1 share) Architect
German, Henry (10 shares) 'Out of business'
Mannington, Matthew (250 shares) Draper (Dir)
Perry, Frederick Stephen (1 share) Solicitor's clerk
Sinden, Edward John (100 shares) Brewer (Dir)
Tooth, Frederick (1 share) Corn merchant (Dir)
Treves, Edward (10 shares) Surgeon (Dir)
Tooth, John (Dir)
Registered Office: 1 Duke Street (30 May)
Agreement: 6,500 to be paid to John Tooth for land and heraditaments, of which 5,000 was to be paid in shares.
Average number of shareholders: 37, with a total of 1377 shares

1894 Registered Office: moved to The Hove Baths, Medina Esplanade (5 Dec)

1898 Average number of shareholders: 71, with a total of 1750 shares

1903 Average number of shareholders: 78, with a total of 1750 shares
Directors as at 19 May:
Matthew Mannington
Edward John Sinden
Frederick Tooth
Floating charge: on property and buildings for 3,000 to Frederick Tooth

1908 Average number of shareholders: 78, with a total of 1750 shares
Directors as at 2 June:
Matthew Mannington
Edward John Sinden
Frederick Tooth
Total mortgage: 12,000

1911 Extraordinary Meeting on 11 May.
Frederick Tooth, on behalf of holders of debentures of the company for 12,000 agreed an extension of time for payment to 11 February 1915 with interest raised from 4½% to 5%.

1913 Average number of shareholders: 79, with a total of 1750 shares

1915 Extraordinary Meeting. Company to be wound up.E N Eliot.
Liquidator: E N Eliot.
Mortgage taken over by London City and Westminster Bank
The liquidator's six-monthly accounts are in the TNA file for 1916 to 1920, but the baths are not separated from the laundry. Neither is it known if the Turkish Baths continued in operation during this time.

1920 Memoranda of satisfaction.

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