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Company baths: LEWES: 35 Friars Walk

Please note: As handwriting is often unclear, names of shareholders are indicative only.
When accuracy is important, researchers should consult the original documents.
PRO references will be found at The National Archives (Public Record Office, Kew)

TNA: PRO: BT31 586/2432 All unfootnoted information is taken from this file.

1861 Memorandum of Association: 5 October
Objects include: Establishment and construction of Hot Air, and Hot and Cold Water Baths at Lewes.
Capital: 1,000 divided into 100 shares of 10
Beaker, Edgar
Button, William
Crosskey, Robert
Godlee, Burwood (Chairman)
Kell, William Pollhill
Lucas, John Clay
Parsons, Charles
Registered Office: 17 High Street (11 Oct)
Secretary: Charles John Braithwaite

1862 Secretary: John Smith (18 Oct)
Average number of shareholders: 46 holding 100 shares
[Women shareholders are, possibly uniquely, referred to as 'Gentlewomen'.]
Capital: increased by 500 divided into 50 shares of 10 (5 Nov)

1867 Average number of shareholders: 49 holding 126 shares (7 Oct)

1872 Average number of shareholders: 49 holding 126 shares (9 Sep)

1873 Registered Office: The Baths in Friar's Walk

1874 Secretary: Robert Crosskey

1877 Average number of shareholders: 49 holding 126 shares (30 Oct)

1881 Average number of shareholders: 45 holding 126 shares (30 Dec)

1882 Voluntary winding-up (13 Jan)
Liquidator: Frederic Colvin

1902 Dissolved under Clause 7(4): 29 July

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