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Company baths: NEWCASTLE: Pilgrim Street

Companies House files destroyed

This short-lived company ceased to exist some time before 2 August 1872, after being in existence for just a few months. A new company, The Newcastle-upon-Tyne Turkish Bath Company Limited, was formed and five of the Pilgrim Street directors (*) became directors of the new company, while Fred Robertson Goddard became its Secretary.

Without the files destroyed by Companies House it is difficult to establish why the company never traded—whether it over-reached itself financially, or whether there was a disagreement amongst the directors. But the most likely explanation is that the initial amount of capital raised was seen to be insufficient. In order to be able to build a Turkish bath in Pilgrim Street, a financial reconstruction would have been deemed necessary.

1872 Directors include:
Borries, Theodore
Cowen, Sir Joseph, MP1
Gibb, Charles John, MD*
Hunt, A H
Joicey, John, Lieut.-Col.*
Potter, Addison (Mayor of Newcastle)*
Stewart, William*
Stevenson, Alexander Shannon*
Walker, E J
Secretary: Fred Robertson Goddard*
Registered Office: 3 St Nicholas Buildings

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