A Turkish Bath Company

After the accidental burning down of Mr. Groslobb's on the
West Hill, there were many expressions of regret that St Leonards should
have been thus deprived of so valuable ^an adjunct to its health restoring cha=
=racteristics. To repair and to even supersede the loss of this, a liability com=
=pany was projected, with a proposed capital of 3.000, in 125 shares of 25
each. The provisional directors, with Alfred Burton, Esq. at their head, had
secured the services of Mr. Groslobb, as manager, and they had no doubt
that the undertaking would be successful. A considerable number of
shares were at once taken up, and in the month of October follow=
=ing tenders were received for the erection of suitable premises. Hayward
London, 1248; Sawyer, London, 1187; Hughes, St Leonards, 1088; Howell, Hast=
=ings, 1030; Kenwood, [xxxx] St Leonards, 1021; and Palmer, St Leonards, 997. The
last named was accepted, and the work was soon commenced. The build=
=ing was designed and planned by Mr H. Burton of London, and the
entire cost, including the purchase of ground and existing properties, was
estimated at about 2,500.