Minute book of the London & Provincial Turkish Bath Company Limited

Limited Liability Companies
known to have been set up to build,
purchase, or operate Turkish baths

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Although it is sometimes relatively easy to locate basic company documents by a visit to The National Archives at Kew ( formerly the Public Record Office—PRO), local archives also often hold records of dissolved companies formerly operating in their area—though it has to be said that these usually seem to relate only to large companies.

It's usually easier for people who live locally…

Perhaps your own local (or national) archive has items relating to limited liability companies set up to build or operate Turkish baths in the British Isles (or elsewhere in what was part of the 19th century British Empire).

Miniature map of British Isles in the 19th century
…so please help if you can

If so, or if you would be prepared to enquire whether there are any, please contact us. We can then record the existence of further information which might otherwise remain unnoticed. So that your time will be used most effectively, it's probably better to get in touch first; you can then check what is already known, but not yet published on the site.

All help will, of course, be appropriately credited

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