This memorial, addressed to the Chairman

& Directors of the Hastings Baths Company [sic]

by the East Sussex Medico-Chirurgical


Sheweth, That whereas an extensive bathing

establishment is in course of erection, in

which no arrangements have been ^ hitherto made

for the construction of any Turkish or vapour

Baths, and whereas the absence of any

such Baths has in many individual

instances obliged invalids to leave the

Town in quest of such Baths, or has pre-

vented their coming to Hastings,

and whereas their consideration of this

question came under the especial

consideration of a Meeting of the above

Society held on 4th May 1880

This Society hereby calls the attention

of the Chairman & Directors of their Baths

Company to the same, and urges

upon them the desirability of rendering

the Bathing Establishment complete

by the erection of Turkish & Vapour

Baths, believing that such steps will

be for the advantage of the Town & of

Visitors frequenting it.


Signed in behalf of the                 

above Society in accordance   

with a resolution passed            


at their meeting 4th May 1880