Llandudno: Ty Gwyn Road (White House Road)

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Turkish Baths


Turkish baths



Llandudno Turkish & General Bath Company Ltd (Proprs)

    Opened early August


Baths close 


In the above chronology, the following reference was used:  1 

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Companies: Llandudno Turkish & General Bath Company Limited




The house, sometimes erroneously suggested as being the first modern Turkish baths to be built in Wales, was not opened until early in August 1864. This was four months after the first baths which in opened in Neath on 14 April.1, 2

The Ty Gwyn Road baths had facilities for six bathers. In the same building were reading rooms, library and billiard rooms. It closed within four years, becoming a Roman Catholic place of worship, although the company continued in existence for at least another six years.

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