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III. Turkish baths in private houses

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This table lists stand-alone Turkish bath establishments alphabetically by the owner of the house.

Known opening and closing dates are indicated in the table. All articles include a chronology, though these do not appear in the version of the site without frames.

Dates in blue  are accurate openings or closures to the best of our knowledge;
Dates in maroon  are first and last sightings;
Plus or minus signs  indicate 'and later' or 'and earlier'.

When one or both of the icons on the left of the table appear in red, this indicates that there is an article, notes, chronology, or stand-alone captioned image relating to the establishment. Clicking on the left hand icon []] takes you to that establishment's page on the site; clicking on the right hand icon  [] takes you to any available no-frames version. A right hand icon  [] on its own takes you to a relevant captioned image page.

If you have access to local newspapers and can add, amend, or correct any dates, please do contact us.

Table last revised: 03 September 2018
[]] []
Armstrong, William (Baron Armstrong): Rothbury: Cragside 1870 to date
[]] [] Bright, John: Rochdale: One Ash 18721889
[]] [] Carden, John: Barnane Castle 1860s
[]] [] Craig, Thomas: Bradford: Chellow Dean: Alston Lodge 18881891
[]] [] Crawshay, George (1st bath): Tynemouth: Tyneside House 18571862+
[]] [] Crawshay, George (2nd bath): Hexham: Haughton Castle 18621960+
[]] [] Fletcher, James Douglas: Avoch: Rosehaugh House 1860s1950s
[]] [] Henry, Mitchell: Kylemore (Co. Galway, Ireland): Kylemore Castle 18711914
[]] [] Holden, Sir Isaac: Haworth: Oakworth House 18771897
[]] [] Hutchinson, James: Cheltenham: Cowley Manor 18601895
[]] [] Ironside, Isaac: Sheffield: Walkley: Carr Road
   His was the first domestic Turkish bath to be built in England
[]] [] Kinnaird, Arthur (10th Lord Kinnaird): Inchture: Millhill Farm -1862+
[]] [] Lawson, Sir Edward (Lord Burnham): Beaconsfield: Hall Barn -18941939+
[]] [] Macfarlane, Walter: Glasgow: Park Circus (22) 18721875+
[]] [] Mander, Theodore: Wolverhampton: Wightwick Manor 1887 to date
[]] [] Meux, Sir Henry: Cheshunt: Theobalds Park 1880s1920s
[]] [] North, John Thomas ("Col North"): London: Avery Hill
   Destroyed during WWII
[]] [] Owden, John: Carrickfergus (Co. Antrim, Ireland): Seapark House 1861
[]] [] Owen, Thomas: Oswestry: Fernbank 18731916
[]] [] Rolland, Stewart: London: Victoria Street 18601861+
[]] [] Thorneycroft, Thomas: Wolverhampton: Tettenhall Towers 1879
[]] []
Urquhart, David (His 'exemplar' bath): Rickmansworth: Riverside
[]] [] Urquhart, David (His 'inexpensive' bath): Worthing: Montagu
[]] [] Wilson, Sir Erasmus: Richmond: Richmond Hill 1861
[]] [] Wilson, Henry: North Shields: Preston Cottage 1857
[]] [] Witt, George: London: Princes Terrace (22) 18601862+
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