C. Some Victorian Turkish baths abroad

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In Europe

Das Römisch-Irische Bad, Wiesbaden, GermanyThis table lists some of the known stand-alone Victorian-style Turkish bath establishments abroad.

Known opening and closing dates are indicated in the table. All articles include a chronology, though these do not appear in the version of the site without frames.

Dates in blue  are accurate openings or closures to the best of our knowledge;
Dates in maroon  are first and last sightings;
Plus or minus signs  indicate 'and later' or 'and earlier'.

When one or both of the icons on the left of the table appear in red, this indicates that there is an article, notes, chronology, or stand-alone captioned image relating to the establishment. Clicking on the left hand icon []] takes you to that establishment's page on the site; clicking on the right hand icon  [] takes you to any available no-frames version. A right hand icon  [] on its own takes you to a relevant captioned image page.

If you have access to local newspapers and can add, amend, or correct any dates, please do contact us.

Austria  Table last revised: 30 December 2018
[]] [] VIENNA: Hotel Bristol Turkish Baths 1936
[]] [] SPA: Splendid Casino Turkish Baths 1922
[]] [] COPENHAGEN: Tordenskjoldsgade 1869, 1891
[]] [] DUNKIRK: Les bains dunkerquois
   [Islamic hammam, not Victorian Turkish bath]
[]] [] LYON: Le Hammam de Lyon (Dr Charles Depraz) 1870—
[]] [] NICE: Le Hammam de Nice: Place Grimaldi (Dr Charles Depraz)
   First Victorian-style Turkish bath in France
[]] [] PARIS: Place de la Concorde: Automobile Club de France: Le Hammam 1930s   
[]] [] PARIS: Rue Cadet (16 bis): Le Balneum bains turco-romains 1891, 1935
[]] [] PARIS: Rue Neuve des Mathurins / Rue Auber: Le Hammam 1876—1912+
[]] [] BADEN-BADEN: Römisch-Irische Bad im Friedrichsbad 1877—OPEN
[]] [] MUNICH: Müller'sches Volksbad 1901—OPEN
[]] [] WIESBADEN: Das Römisch-Irische Bad 1913—OPEN
[]] [] BUDAPEST: Gellert Baths 1918—OPEN
[]] [] BUDAPEST: Kiraly Baths            —OPEN
[]] [] BUDAPEST: Rudas Baths            —OPEN
[]] [] BUDAPEST: Szechenyi Baths            —OPEN
[]] [] Monte Carlo: Thermal Establishment 1928
[]] [] STOCKHOLM: Sturebadet 1885—OPEN
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Nebahat Avcıoğlu, Columbia University, Paris, for information on the French baths