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or go straight to the full list of baths, using the map and links on the left.

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The baths included in the directory fall into three main groups. The first of these includes all known Victorian Turkish baths which are, or were, open to the general public in the four countries which made up the 19th century United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. The baths appear in five lists, two for England—separating those in London from those in the provinces—and one each for Wales, Scotland, and Ireland.

How to access the lists

These five lists can be accessed by clicking on London, or any of the countries on the image map in the panel to the left, or by clicking on the named buttons immediately below the map.

The baths in each list are arranged by place, followed by street or, in the case of London, by street alone.

Below this first set of hyperlinked buttons, are another eight which similarly lead to baths which were opened for specific types of user, such as those for animals, or those for passengers on ocean liners.

Finally, there are a further six checklists, each of which includes a selection of Victorian Turkish baths to be found outside the United Kingdom.

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