9. Design and construction

Last updated 23 March 2017

ALLSOP, Robert Owen
  The Turkish bath: its design and construction / Robert Owen Allsop. London : Spon, 1890
   Originally published during 1888-9 as a series of articles in Building News
'Constructions of Turkish baths as a social reform for Victorian society; the case of the Jermyn Street Hammam' / Nebahat Avcıoğlu In: The Hidden iceberg of architectural history: papers from the annual symposium of the Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain, 1998 / edited by Colin Cunningham and James Anderson. pp.59-78
Letter. John Le Gay Brereton to David Urquhart, 10 Jul 1860. Wellcome Institute: Western MS.6236/21
DANBY, Miles
Moorish style / Miles Danby. London : Phaidon, 1995. pp.174-5
'Liverpool Architectural Society: lecture on Turkish baths' / W H Hay Builder (16 Feb 1861) p.106
OWEN, Thomas
How I came to build a Turkish bath: a personal narrative / Thomas Owen. Oswestry : Oswestry commercial circular, 1912
'Public baths: Royal Institute of British Architects' Building News (10 Mar
1899) pp.328-31
ROTH, Mathias
The Russian bath, published with a view to recommending its introduction into England for hygienic as well as curative purposes / Mathias Roth. 2nd ed. London : Groombridge, 1855

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