16. Hydropathy

Last updated 23 March 2017

Ben Rhydding: the principles of hydropathy and the compressed-air bath,
  together with a chapter on the improved Roman or Turkish bath, with illustrations by Theta / by a graduate of the Edinburgh University. London : Hamilton Adams, 1859
The Water cure / Alan Bower. Derby : J H Hall, 1985. (Derbyshire Heritage Series)
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Hydropathy in city and town / Joseph Constantine. Manchester : John Heywood, 1905
Hydropathy, health and longevity / Joseph Constantine. Manchester : John Heywood, 1895
DENBIGH, Kathleen
A Hundred British spas / Kathleen Denbigh. London : Spa, 1981
GULLY, James Manby
The Water cure in chronic diseases / James Manby Gully. 3rd ed. 1856
HUNTER, Archibald
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MACLEOD, William
Asthma, consumption, & bronchitis treated by the water-cure and air bath / William MacLeod. 2nd edition. London : Robert Hardwicke, 1863
Directory of Ben-Rhydding, with a chapter on the water cure and homoeopathy / William Macleod. London, 1852
The Rise and progress of hydropathy in England and Scotland / Richard Metcalfe. London : Simkin, Marshall, 1906
Practical hydropathy / John Smedley. 12th ed. London : Kent, 1870
Taking the cure / E S Turner London : Michael Joseph, 1967

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