18. Other items

Last updated 24 March 2017

DICKENS, Charles [the younger]
  Dickens's dictionary of London 1888: an unconventional handbook / Charles Dickens. Moretonhampstead : Old House Books, 1993
   Facsimile edition
'Paradoxes of patrimonialization' / Rudi Laermans Open 7: (No) memory Rotterdam : NAi Uitgevers)
   Available online: Paradoxes of Patrimonialization - Open!
The Encyclopedia of ephemera: a guide to the fragmentary documents of everyday life for the collector, curator, and historian / Maurice Rickards, edited and completed by Michael Twyman with the assistance of Sarah du Boscq de Beaumont and Amoret Tanner. London: British library, 2000
British directories: a bibliography and guide to directories published in England and Wales (1850-1950) and Scotland (1733-1950) / G Shaw and A Tipper. Leicester : University Pr, 1989

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