The bibliography

This bibliography is not intended to be exhaustive. It includes only those items referred to on the site prior to the latest revision indicated on the splash page. It is a very small subset of the more comprehensive bibliography which is held in the underlying databank.

Items are arranged in broad subject categories as listed in the panel on the left. They may be subdivided later if any become unwieldy.

In order to keep the bibliography to a reasonable length, individual newspaper and periodical articles about specific Turkish baths are only included exceptionally, unless they have a stated author. Any references not included here will, of course, still be found in the footnotes to the articles about those baths.

Entries are filed using the 'letter by letter' or 'nothing before something' convention, eg, the phrase 'Victoria rules her empire' files before 'Victorian aspidistra'

M', Mac, and Mc all file together as Mac

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