Institutions visited

Much of the information used in the compilation of the pages so far published has been found over a number of years during visits to many local libraries and record offices around Ireland and the UK. I have also benefited considerably by being able to use the important institutions listed below.

Belfast Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI)
Cambridge University Library
Dublin National Library of Ireland
Dublin Trinity College Library
London British Library: Newspaper Library
London Historical Manuscripts Commission
London Jewish Museum: London's Museum of Jewish Life
London The National Archives: Public Record Office
London Royal Institute of British Architects Library
London University of London Library
London Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine
Oxford Balliol College Library
Oxford Bodleian Library

Thanks logoMy thanks are due to their unfailingly helpful staffs, many of whom struggle to keep their collections available to us despite parsimonious funding and inadequate staffing levels.

Governments need to take urgent action to ensure the continued financial survival (and dare one say development) of these world renowned, and often long-established organisations, not all of which can be supported by charitable foundations.

Ordinary people use them, and need them.

This page last updated 04 October 2016

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