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Victorian Turkish Baths: their origin, development, and gradual decline
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Victorian Turkish baths would not still be adding new material without an indication that it served some useful purpose. Most feedback comes in the form of queries from individuals or educational bodies, and some is in the form of citations in journals and books on a staggeringly wide range of subjects. It is always encouraging to hear that the site has been helpful, interesting, or even entertaining or amusing.

Here is a selection of quotes from a variety of reading lists, magazines, newspapers, and personal blogs from around the world. Thank you.

'…we were aware of the importance of the baths largely due to your excellent website, and my field team have been clutching a print-out of Potter's plan throughout the duration of the excavation!' (Ian Miller, Senior Project Manager, Oxford Archaeology North, referring to William Potter's baths in Clifford Street, the site of Manchester University's new National Graphene Institute)

The amazing Victorian Turkish Baths website will tell you about Ironmonger Row and more historic and surviving Turkish baths in the UK than you could ever imagine.(Municipal dreams)

Turkish baths were a feature of many Victorian towns. This long-established and highly regarded site is a key resource. (Arnold Local History Group)

'…a fabulous and extensive website…' (Tom Crook, Editor, Sanitary reform in Victorian Britain. Vol.5)

'We may not be so lucky as to experience an actual Turkish bath at home, but if you need to warm those bones on these cold winter nights I suggest virtually plunging in to victorianturkishbath.org' (Charlotte Hopkins, Information Officer, Prints and Maps Section, Guildhall Library)


Man, that's what makes the internet great.Smile (Posted on The Restaurant Ware Collectors Network)

'… has a message on its home page which says ‘Come in from the cold’ which you click to enter the main site. I visited Malcolm Shifrin’s wonderful website on a very cold December day and began to feel warmer immediately.' (localhistoryonline webwatch)

‘Everything and more than you might conceivably want to know about Victorian and other Turkish baths is on this site.’

'This Web site is a fun and educational resource on Turkish baths.' (Muncie Public Library, Indiana)

'This writer has found invaluable a web site set up by Malcolm Shifrin in the United Kingdom…which contains an ever increasing body of information on the Turkish Bath.' (Mt Wilson & Mt Irvine Historical Society, Australia)

'Being directed to the victorianturkishbath website has proved a revelation to us…' (The Oxfordshire Museum)

'Malcolm Shifrin is a Turkish-bath maven who, on his extraordinary website notes that “it is the dryness of the air which distinguishes the Victorian Turkish bath from other related types…” '  (Robert Liebman, on Reuter's City Page)

'A mine of information and the creator of one of the finest websites around...' (Ronan Foley, Healing waters)

'This very well-organized site has pretty much everything you every wanted to know about Victorian Turkish Baths.' (Victorian Studies Forum, University of Florida)

'The development and evolution of the Victorian Turkish bath is brilliantly documented by Malcolm Shifrin' (Oliver Wainwright, Architecture and design critic, The Guardian)

'…in particular, this website has intrigued me for a couple of years' (Miranda Phipps)

'a leading resource in this area.'

'Malcolm Shifrin's website…was splendidly helpful'

'…an extensive account of the origins of the Turkish bath in Britain.'

'well-researched look at a little-remembered feature of life during that time' (Jess Nevins, Fantastic Victoriana)

'innovative website on Victorian Turkish baths'  (Victorian Studies Bulletin, Northeast Victorian Studies Association)

'Malcolm Shifrin's wonderful website' (Ferdinand Mount Full circle)

'Malcolm Shifrin has created a remarkable collection of history, information, and illustration of the Turkish bath in Great Britain and the elaborate etiquette that goes along with the ritual of the hammam.'  (Equitteer, Boston, Mass)

'Malcolm Shifrin has a peerless site on the topic of Turkish baths'

'A meticulously researched and very rich site on Victorian Turkish Baths.'

'Just take a peek inside his website and we don’t think you will be disappointed.' (Clio Publishing)


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Victorian Turkish Baths: their origin, development,
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