Victorian Turkish Baths Picture of the Month for June 2010

Melbourne: Fullalove's Turkish Baths:
Ladies' lounge and cooling-room, mid-1920s

Ladies cooling-room at Fullalove's Turkish Baths, Melbourne, 1920s
    < Source of the photograph is unknown

Part of a full page advertisement for Fullalove's Turkish Baths in Lonsdale Street, Melbourne. The ad appeared in a magazine programme published by the Theatre Royal in 1926.

The recently opened baths had separate facilities for men and women, and a Turkish bath was available 'at the pre-war price 4/-'.

The advertisement was intended to appeal especially to those who wished, or needed, to lose weight.

'This Invigorating treatment is specially beneficial to those burdened by excess weight and any interested in their physical well being should pay an early visit to the Baths.'

They also offered special facilities for those needing to lose weight in a hurry.

'Special notice to athletes and persons desirous of quickly reducing their weight. We have heated rooms for special exercises which will speedily remove all your superfluous weight.'

Which did not stop them also offering 'Afternoon tea extra, if desired.'

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