James Mooore and Joseph Walton's patent application
relating to the ventilation of Turkish baths

James Mooore and Joseph Walton's patent application relating to ventilation
< Image reproduced from: Letters Patent: 1862, 28th July. No.2127

James Moore and Joseph Walton collaborated in applying for a patent for improving the ventilation of Turkish baths for horses and other animals. Floor traps ensured that,

the evacuations and other offensive or unhealthy matters can be washed and carried away without producing any steam or vapour.

Walton, who lived at 274 Strand (where Dr John Shelton owned a Turkish bath) was later in the year to become a co-director with Moore of the Strand Turkish Bath Co Ltd.

Without mentioning the connection between the two, he wrote a letter1  to The Field in which he said:

Mr Moore has an extensive knowledge of disease in horses, and [his] bath is administered with invariably beneficial results both to horses and their owners, with whom, I may add, the bath is in high favour.
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Turkish baths for animals. Part 4: Turkish baths for urban workhorses

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Victorian Turkish Baths: their origin, development, and gradual decline

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