Sandwich board for the Savoy Turkish Baths:
a photograph and a caricature

Sandwich board man Please, Father, may I have a bath?
< Turkish baths advertiser. — London : Rotary Photographic Co, c.1913. — (London life series)
< "Please, Father…" / Bert Thomas. — London : Lawrence and Jellicoe, c.1915. — (London opinion series). — Cartoon, originally published in London opinion

Turkish baths advertiser, taken in a street parallel to Savoy Hill looking up towards the Strand.

'Please, Father, may I have a bath?'
'Ah! My son, when I was your age, I too was romantic.'

The sandwich board man advertising the Savoy Turkish Bath was a character well-recognised by Londoners, as is demonstrated by his inclusion in a cartoon in London opinion, later republished as a comic postcard.

These items are from the collection of the Victorian Turkish Baths Project

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Introduction. Part 1: What is a Turkish bath?

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London's first Victorian Turkish bath. Part 1: introduction

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Victorian Turkish Baths: their origin, development, and gradual decline

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