Cooling-rooms at Charles Bartholomew's baths
in Birmingham and the City of Bath

Bartholomew's Birmingham Baths
< An Illustrated guide to the Turkish baths, medicated and other baths... / Charles Bartholomew. London : Marshall Bros, 1887
< Photo: courtesy Norman Ashfield

Bartholomew created a 'brand image' for his establishments very early on. The supporting posts, the painted glass panels, the gas lights on the wall, and the recliners; all would be instantly recognisable in any of his Turkish baths.

It is of some interest, therefore, to compare the artist's drawing of the Birmingham bath (dating from around the mid-1880s) of which we have no photograph, with a photograph of the cooling-room in the City of Bath establishment (probably taken in the first years of the 20th century).

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I am most grateful to Norman Ashfield for the photograph of Bartholomew's Turkish Baths

at 2 Edgar Buildings, and for being the first to encourage me in my research into the history

of the Victorian Turkish bath.

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Bartholomew's Turkish Baths: George Street: Bath

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Women and the Victorian Turkish bath. Part 1: introduction

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Victorian Turkish Baths: their origin, development, and gradual decline

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