The West Bowling District Baths,
Manchester Road, Bradford

West Bowling District Baths, Bradford
< Photo: West Bowling Baths, courtesy Bradford Local Studies Library

The Manchester Road Baths, later known as the West Bowling District Baths, were opened in 1887 while John Howarth was still Bradford's Baths Superintendent. 1

Although the facility was originally built without Turkish baths, it seems inconceivable that Howarth didn't specify them—more likely that the Council cut back on expenditure. However, they were added at a later, currently unknown, date.

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Susan Caton, Central Library, Bradford Dept of Arts, Heritage & Leisure, for help with information about Bradford's baths.

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Victorian Turkish Baths: their origin, development, and gradual decline

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 1. Opening of the new Central Baths, 13th September 1905: official handbook. — Bradford : the Council, 1905.     [return]