Erasmus Wilson's Turkish Bath, Richmond Hill, London:
plan of the hot room

Plan of Erasmus Wilson's Turkish bath

< Plan: The Eastern, or Turkish bath: its history, revival in Britain, and application to the purposes of health / by Erasmus Wilson. London : John Churchill, 1861.


a a a Front wall
b Door of entrance from a lobby, leading from the frigidarium
c Vestibule
d Inner door
e e Spiracles, or ventilators
f Mouth of the furnace
g Furnace of fire-brick, enclosed in a jacket of hollow brick 
h h h   Flue 
Returned flue, supporting
a tank for warm water 
l l Outer wall
 m Lavatrina
 n Tesselated pavement
The dark shaded area between l h, and l k, indicates the interval between the flue and outer wall

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The Turkish bath as a procedure

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Victorian Turkish Baths: their origin, development, and gradual decline

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