Dealing with shampooers' suggestions that tips are expected
extracted from the Minute Book
of the London & Provincial Turkish Bath Co Ltd

Extract from the minute book of the London & Provincial Turkish Bath Co Ltd
< London & Provincial Turkish Bath Company Limited. Minute Book (Page 430)

either by following the bather from
the Baths into the Cooling-room and
by their offering Services to him, or
Bather, that a gratuity is expected
by him from them, that the existing
rule under which a Shampooer
asking for a gratuity is liable to
instant dismissal be applied to
any such case of suggesting.
       That the Foreman be instructed
absolutely to prohibit the Shampooers
from going out from the Bath, into
the Cooling-room, and to report to 
the Secretary any infraction of this
                   [Signed]  H Fane Keane

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