Table I
Establishments with facilities for women

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The Turkish baths listed here are mainly those open to the general public. Those in members' clubs, hydros, hotels, etc, have not been included.

Year—Women's facilities were definitely available during the year indicated in the fourth column, although not necessarily during the whole life of the establishment.

Prices—These relate to the sample year, but may also have applied to a number of years before and afterwards.

Hours—For establishments where facilities were shared, the ratio indicates the proportion of the total opening hours apportioned to each sex in the form women:men. The ratio is calculated in half-day units.

W & M denotes that separate facilities were available for women and that, in most cases, the women’s and men’s facilities were open for approximately the same number of hours each week.

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There are still Turkish baths—on the sites listed above—at Carlisle, Harrogate, Newcastle (Northumberland Road), and Swindon.

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Victorian Turkish Baths: their origin, development, and gradual decline

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