Sutherland Macdonald and tattooing at the London Hammam

Tattooing at the London Hammam

< Photo: Gambier Bolton 1

Sutherland Macdonald became Steward at the Jermyn Street Hammam in 1888 and (either immediately, or very soon after) opened a Tattooist's Salon there. His dragon design was originally tattooed in black, green, and red, and several of the sons of Queen Victoria were tattooed by him during visits to the Hammam.

Sutherland became a shareholder of the London & Provincial Turkish Baths Company Limited (proprietors of the Hammam) in 1897, and retained his shares till he died in 1937.

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 1. Reproduced from: 'Pictures on the human skin' / Gambier Bolton   Strand magazine   (1897; vol.xiii, no.54)   pp.425-434 [return]