Hydropathy by Captain R T Claridge: frontispiece

Frontispiece of Claridge's 'Hydropathy'
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Captain Richard Tappin Claridge, usually known as Captain Claridge, was a prominent asphalt contractor and also a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries.

But he remains best known today for his early promotion of hydropathy, the cold water cure practised by Vincent Priessnitz.

The image above is the frontispiece of the third of edition of his book Hydropathy. 1

There is an excellent article on Claridge and his popularisation of hydropathy in Wikipedia.

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 1. Hydropathy; or The Cold Water Cure, as practiced by Vincent Priessnitz, at Graefenberg, Silesia, Austria / R T Claridge. 3rd ed. London : Madden, 1943 [return]