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Victorian Turkish Baths: their origin, development, and gradual decline

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Nevill's Turkish Baths Ltd
Company baths: LONDON: Basinghall Street
LONDON: Craven Street
LONDON: Commercial Road East
LONDON: Harrow Road
LONDON: New Broad Street
LONDON: Northumberland Avenue
LONDON: Railway Approach
LONDON: Whitechapel High Street
LONDON: York Terrace

As handwriting is often unclear, all name transcriptions below are indicative only.
When accuracy is important, the original documents should be consulted.
PRO (Public Record Office) documents are at The National Archives, Kew.

Companies House No: 99,063 All unfootnoted information is taken from this file.

1908 Memorandum of Association: 30 July
Objects include:

…acquire and take over as going concerns the business of proprietors or keepers of Turkish, Electrical, Light, and other Baths and appliances, carried on by James Forder Nevill at Northumberland Avenue, Commercial Road East, High Street Whitechapel, Wool Exchange, Harrow Road, 7 & 8 Railway Approach London Bridge, New Broad Street…

Capital: £75,000 divided into 75,000 shares of £1
Nevill, Henry (Barrister)
Nevill, James Forder (Turkish bath proprietor)
Sentance, Herbert Edwin (Civil Servant)
Properties (at 30 July 1908):
Northumberland Avenue: Freehold
Commercial Road East: Freehold
Railway Approach: 21 yr lease from 25.12.06; £190 pa for 7 yrs, then £200 pa (plus £2.6.0. towards insurance)
Wool Exchange: 25 yr lease from 25.3.00; £350 pa incl rates and taxes
Broad St: (Part of basement) 60 yrs from 29.9.93; £350 pa incl.
Broad St: (Further part of basement) 54 yrs from 29.9.99; £45 pa incl.
Harrow Rd: 40 yrs from 25.12.90; £170 pa, plus fire premium
Registered Office: 23-25 Northumberland Avenue, London
Secretary: George Ketley
Shareholders include:
Nevill, Henry (Barrister)
Nevill, James Forder (Turkish bath proprietor)
Sentance, Herbert Edwin (Civil Servant)
Sentance, Dorothea Annie
Walton, George Edward (Clerk in Holy Orders)
Walton, Isabel Florence (Married woman)
Walton, Kate (Woman)
Young, Charles Greenwood (Gentleman)
Young, Winifred Maud (Married woman)

1929 By now, Henry and James Forder Nevill had ceased to be shareholders, their place being taken by Henry Warwick Nevill, who remained a shareholder till 1946.

1930 23-25 Northumberland Avenue mortgaged for £11,000 to National Provident Institution.

1946 Shareholders include:
Scott-Joynt, Albert George

1949 By now, Herbert Sentance had ceased to be a shareholder.
Registered Office: Railway Approach
Secretary: Frederick William Akenhurst
Annual Report for 1949: The year marked a gradual change from immediate post-War prosperity to a more settled period. Many of the clients transferred to other branches on the closure of Northumberland Avenue the previous year. Satisfactory results were achieved 'despite high taxation', with a net profit before tax of £769.3.2.

1950 Capital reduction: From £75,000 divided into 75,000 shares of £1 to £3,750 divided into 75,000 shares of 1/-.
Scott-Joynt, Albert George (Gentleman)
Young, Charles Greenwood (Chairman & Secretary of East Indian Railway)
Young, Winifred Maud (Married woman)
Secretary: Frederick William Akenhurst
Average number of shareholders: 11 from families of directors
Annual report for 1950: Difficult year in the business world; only a price rise enabled a profit to be made; devaluation adversely affected patrons, leading to slight decrease in attendances; premises with boilers, furnaces, plant 'kept in the usual good state of repair and condition'. Net Profit £322.15.0.

1951 Annual report for 1951: 'extreme tension both in the political and business world'; 'upward trend of prices'; 'margin of spending power available to customers of a business such as ours has narrowed very sharply'. Made certain economies, and slight price rise.

1952 Annual report for 1952: 'tension more acute and number of bathers still further declined'. Considerable repairs necessary to London Bridge turning profit into loss of £64.4.5.

1953 Annual report for 1953: Budget of 1952 stringent; money market much restricted; spendable money leading to even fewer bathers; no signs of improvement; cost of fuel, linen, soap, all high.

1954 Annual report for 1954: Big budget claims; number of bathers down further. Bishopsgate Churchyard lease expired and given up due to lack of business; £200 compensation to employees; some bathers transferred to London Bridge; George Kettley (the original secretary of the company) who had been receiving a pension for many years died on 2 Feb 1953.

1955 Annual report for 1955 : Charles Greenwood Young died on 8 Jan 1955 and Frederick Akenhurst on 20 Dec 1954. Scott-Joynt and Winifred Young resigned from Board. Thomas Daniel Newman appointed Director and Secretary on 6 Feb 1955. Elizabeth Violet Newman and Marjorie Joyce Blake were appointed directors.

1956 Declaration of solvency dated 30 Dec 1956.

1957 Company purchased by the Jermyn Street Turkish Baths Company Limited. Josephine Peskoff and Arthur Charles Woodley of the Jermyn Street company appointed directors, whilst previous directors still on Board.

1959 Directors: Josephine Peskoff and Arthur Charles Woodley (2 Nov)

1960 Registered Office: 91-92 Jermyn Street (10 Sep)

1961 Mrs Peskoff resigned as director; Mrs Woodley new director. Registered Office: 8 Hanover Square (Offices of Michael Birkett, Solicitor)

1963 Last Nevills Baths closed, but company kept in existence by Jermyn Street Turkish Baths Company Limited for tax purposes. [Personal conversation with the liquidator in the early 1990s]

1968 Annual report for 1968: Profits before taxation £938

1969 Annual report for 1969: Profits before taxation £1,158

1970 Company ceased trading on 31 May

1972 Company to be wound up with £8,175 surplus after debts. Liquidator: Michael John Birkett

1975 Company wound up 25 Jun
Dissolved: 2 November

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Victorian Turkish Baths: their origin, development, and gradual decline

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