The Turkish bath at The Retreat, York:
cross-section of the dressing room,
drawn by architect Edward Taylor in 1889,
fifteen years after the baths opened

Cross-section of cubicles
< 'Notes of ten years' experience in the use of the Turkish bath in the treatment of mental ill-health' / Robert Baker†††† Journal of mental science††† (Jul 1889)†

In 1889, Robert Baker, the asylum's Superintendent, gave a paper on ten yearsí use of the Turkish bath at The Retreat. The published version included a plan with only one significant change from Taylorís original.

The dressing room is now much larger, and is divided into cubicles, with couches enabling bathers to relax after their bath. It is not yet known whether the baths were originally built according to this plan, or if they were altered later.

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The Retreat, York

Sources for a history. Part 8: Turkish baths for special needs

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Victorian Turkish Baths: their origin, development, and gradual decline

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