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location of the new gentlemen's lodge and Turkish baths

Location of Turkish baths suite
< Location of the Gentlemen's Lodge and Turkish baths suite, reproduced from part of an original (RET 2/1/13/7) in the Borthwick Institute, University of York.

On 17 November 1874, a special sub-committee of the asylum's Committee of Management was set up to consider the improvements suggested by Dr John Kitching on his retirement as Superintendent of The Retreat. Dr Robert Baker, his successor, was already in post when its report was presented on 15 December.

The sub-committee recommended building a new single storey Gentlemen’s Lodge with seventeen bedrooms and seventeen sitting rooms adding: ‘the court at the end of these bedrooms would be the best situation for the erection of a Turkish bath, and rooms in which other hydropathic treatment may be administered.’

They further suggested that the new lodge, ‘and probably the erection of the rooms for the new Turkish bath, &c would be the first work to be undertaken, and that these should be completed before any other work is commenced'.

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Paul Dryburgh, Archivist, Borthwick Institute for Archives

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Victorian Turkish Baths: their origin, development, and gradual decline

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