North Wales Counties Lunatic Asylum, Denbigh,
later known as The North Wales Hospital

Denbigh exterior
< Photo: Colin Jones

The hospital, which was the first mental hospital to be built in Wales, was built between 1846 and 1848. It was set up after much publicity about the appalling treatment of Welsh people who had serious mental illnesses and who were forced to seek treatment in English asylums.

Joseph Ablett, a local landowner, donated the original 20 acres of land for the hospital complex some time around 1842 when plans were drawn up by Thomas Fulljames. Building commenced in September 1844.

The buildings are now surrounded by 126 acres of wooded, landscaped grounds.

A North Wales Hospital Society was formed in 1992 and they are the present custodians of significant documentary and oral historical material.

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North Wales Counties Lunatic Asylum

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