St Thomas' Hospital, London:
plans of the proposed Turkish bath, 1860

Floor plan of Turkish baths
< London Metropolitan Archives
Plan of underfloor ducts in the Turkish baths
< London Metropolitan Archives

These plans were drawn up by Henry Currey, architect, for the Governors of St Thomas' Hospital in 1860 while the hospital was still located in Southwark. The plan of the ducts is dated May, and the floor plan is dated September. It is not known if the Turkish bath built in the new hospital, which opened eleven years later in Lambeth, is the same as that shown in these plans.

The layout of the rooms and ducts on the plans is, from left to right: furnace room, slipper baths, sudatorium, tepidarium, frigidarium, and wash-house.

The originals of these plans in the London Metropolitan Archives are A2 size. On the lower plan, the duct appearing black carries the vitiated air; the other duct, coloured olive green on the original, brings hot air from the furnace into the three rooms of the Turkish bath.

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St Thomas' Hospital, London: Turkish baths

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