Glenbrook Hotel and Turkish Baths,
Co. Cork, Ireland, 1860s

Glenbrook and Turkish baths
< Image ©Crawford Municipal Art Gallery, Cork

This watercolour of Glenbrook by the Irish painter John E Bosanquet was painted some time in the 1860s. Bosanquet is known to have been visiting Cork in 1863 and this seems the most probable date for the painting. The hotel and baths have been encircled in the above reproduction to indicate the position of the detail below.

Detail from 'Glenbrook and Turkish baths'
< Detail of encircled area of painting

This close-up of the hotel and baths does not seem to correspond with the description of the actual buildings at any specific time and it seems probable that Bosanquet intends only an impression of the buildings—and a rather romanticised impression at that.

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Crawford Municipal Art Gallery, Cork, for permission to reproduce both images

Marie Gethins, for telling us about Bosanquet's painting

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Glenbrook: Dr Curtin's Hydropathic Establishment
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Victorian Turkish Baths: their origin, development, and gradual decline

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