The Sarsfield Street Turkish Baths in Limerick:
fire insurance plan, March 1897

Fire plan (part of)
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This detail, taken from Charles E Goad's 1897 Insurance Plan of Limerick, should not be taken as an exact plan of either floor. Nor does it include all the various rooms in the building. Only a selection of rooms on the ground floor (marked 1) and basement (marked B) are included—though it does seem surprising that a source of water like the plunge pool is not marked; water from a similar source was used to put out a fire next door to the Turkish bath in Lincoln Place, Dublin, on 2 March 1862. The plan does, however, give us some idea of how the rooms were arranged, with the second hot room being over the laundry at the rear of the building.

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Larry Walsh, Limerick Museum

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Sarsfield Street Turkish Baths, Limerick

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Victorian Turkish Baths: their origin, development, and gradual decline

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