The Hammam Hotel and Turkish Bath:
Upper Sackville (later, O'Connell) Street, Dublin:
advertisement in local directory, c.1919

Advertisement for the Hammam
< Image: Pictorial & descriptive guide to Dublin (Ward Lock, 1919)

Although this advertisement was published in a local guide as late as 1919, the two photographs were originally taken some years earlier. The exterior shot could have been taken any time after 1877 when the lamps were added each side of the front door.

The view of the cooling-room has probably not changed much in the intervening period either, though the actual date of the photograph is unknown. The white curtained changing cubicles can be seen on the right of the photo, and it can be seen how much the room benefited from having such a high ceiling.

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The Dublin Hammam, Upper Sackville Street. 3: the North years, and destruction

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Victorian Turkish Baths: their origin, development, and gradual decline

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