Sloane's Leinster Turkish and Warm Baths:
early advertisement, 1882

Newspaper ad
< Image: Irish Times (8 Mar 1882)

These were the men's baths, in which James Joyce's Ulysses character Leopold Bloom took a warm bath (having no time for a Turkish). They were designed 'to supply a high-class Turkish bath at a moderate price' thereby putting 'this great aid to health within the means of all.'

Messrs W & J Sloane concentrated on two selling points: the moderate charge and the excellent ventilation system. 'TRY THE SHILLING TURKISH BATH' headed the first of a regular series of advertisements in the Irish Times.

First class baths at the nearby Lincoln Place and Stephen's Green cost 2/-, 1/6, or 1/- according to the time of day (although there were second class baths at the latter Stephen's for 6d). But the Sloanes charged 1/- all day for their first class baths, and between 6.00 and 9.00 in the evening, they charged only 9d. At this time, a warm bath or a shower could be had there for 6d.

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Dublin: Leinster Street Turkish and Warm Baths

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