Dunfermline Turkish baths:
cooling-room with dressing cubicles

Cooling room at the Carnegie Turkish baths
< Postcard reproduced by courtesy of Fife Community Services

The cooling-room in the Carnegie Turkish Baths, Dunfermline, c.1905-1909.

The dressing rooms can be seen to the left and right. Beyond the arch lie the hot rooms. This picture is taken from the same viewpoint as that used for the postcard reproduced on another page.

This photograph was probably taken at a slightly earlier date since the potted plants have not yet been replaced by notices and a mirror, and the advertisements for Bovril have not yet been placed on the wall.

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Stephen Kerrigan, Fife Community Services

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Carnegie Baths, Dunfermline

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Victorian Turkish Baths: their origin, development, and gradual decline

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