TheCity of Bath: the great flood of 1882

The Bath flood of 1882
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This image from Forgotten year: news from Bath in 1882 by Bruce Crofts (Bath City Council, 1982) shows Southgate Street from the Old Bridge on 25 October 1882.

Just round the corner from the top of this picture lies York Street where Sheppy's Turkish Baths were situated. According to a report in the Bath Herald, also published on 25 October,

the flood worked great destruction. The height of water was four feet above the level of the baths, and covered the steps leading to the cooling room. The upholstery on the lower floor is saturated, and many articles of furniture, including ornamental pillars and busts, are over turned and lying in the utmost confusion. A bust of Captain Speke, the explorer, has been altogether dissolved. The suite of rooms will have to be refurnished, and Mr Sheppy has posted a notice stating that he will not be able to re open the baths for one month. He estimates the loss at 150.

The flood left Bartholomew's recently opened Turkish baths completely untouched, situated as they were right at the top of Milsom Street.

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Bartholomew's Turkish Baths: George Street: Bath

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