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members of the Hunt family

The Hunt family, c.1920

In 1907, Henry Hunt bought the Turkish baths in George Street at 2 Edgar Buildings, and for sixty-four years, he, his wife Alice, their son Ted (left), and their two daughters, Ellen (left), and Winn, kept it open by dint of hard work with no electricity and without any labour-saving devices.

When Henry died in 1941, Ted took over and ran them for a further twenty years before retiring at the age of 71.

Len and |Janet Win and Norman

Len Hunt and his
daughter Janet

Winifred (Winn) Hunt and Ted's grandson Norman

As well as serving as a drying area for the hand-washed towels and sheets, the roof of the building provided a regular setting for family photographs taken on birthdays and after weddings.

There was also a greenhouse at the rear of the building. Duckboards were placed in strategic positions to protect the skylights, and a ventilator can be seen rising vertically above the drying linen line.

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Norman Ashfield, who is slightly older now, for permission to use the photographs

of his great-grandfather's family

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