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letter offering a position to William Park

Letter from Bartholomew to Park
< Letter from Charles Bartholomew to William Park

Bristol. Nov 18th/86

Mr Wm Park,

I can offer you a situation in this

establishment. Wages 25/- per week and perquisites.

If you accept this offer please let me know with

as little delay as possible.

Yours truly

C. Bartholomew

PS. Mr L???h is here & getting

on nicely.

Although William Park was originally offered his 'situation' at Bristol, this was changed by mutual agreement to Bartholomew's establishment at 2 Edgar Buildings in Bath. According to his son Leonard, the Bristol baths opened on Sundays and Park, a devout Methodist and lay preacher, did not wish to work on his sabbath. The perquisites (now known as perks) would probably have included his accommodation and gratuities.

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Leonard Park for permission to reproduce his father's letter from Charles Bartholomew

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