Bath: George St: 2, Edgar Buildings:
Bartholomew's†Turkish Baths: the painted glass panels

The cooling-room, Edgar Buildings
< Photographer unknown

Part of the forty-five foot long cooling-room of Bartholomew's Turkish Baths in the City of Bath, beyond which can be seen the two shampooing cubicles on the right and, beyond them, the first of the two hot rooms.

This cooling-room had many of the 'brand image' features which were to be found in most of Bartholomew's establishments. These include the encaustic tiled floors, the loungers and changing cubicles, the poles supporting the ceilings, the gently hissing gasoliers providing the light, and the party and internal partition wallsówooden at the bottom, with hand-painted glass panels above.

This glass panel is one of the narrow ceiling panels to be seen in the top right hand portion of the upper of the two photographs above. The roundels at each of the four corners are decorated with stars and crescents.

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Bartholomew's Turkish Baths: George Street: Bath

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