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Part of cover of Rance's advertising card (1905)
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The establishment originally known as the Stamboul Turkish Baths in Brixton Road was owned by a builder, Earle Bird, and opened on 22 October 1892. At some time between the late 1890s and 1901 they were purchased by their then manager, Henry William Rance.

The advertising card folder from which the image is taken also included a calendar for 1905 and showed that Rance also owned Turkish baths at 24 Railway Approach, by London Bridge Station. These must have purchased from Edward Tyrrell some time after May 1901.

In turn, Rance sold them on in 1909 to the portable building and cycle manufacturer, William Cooper, who had just started building a chain of eight Turkish baths in London. These became known as the Savoy Turkish Baths. It is not currently known when the Brixton branch was closed, but it seems likely to have been around 1921 when Cooper sold several others.

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